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Global Ethnographic accepts field notes, narratives, articles, reviews, photographs, films, and other ideas with an ethnographic focus from a range of disciplines including social anthropology, cultural studies, philosophy, humanities, social psychology and area studies. For all submissions other than articles please send a 150-300 word summary of your proposed content to

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Although GE normally accepts article submissions from academics, submissions from postgraduate students, as well as submissions of exceptional papers by undergraduates, are also encouraged. GE employs professional practicing social anthropologists to review and edit articles–our peer review process is just as rigorous as those employed by print academic journals.

In general, we accept articles on any topic related to human social life. Articles must, however, be ethnographic in nature and written in accessible language. Articles that feature verbose language or overly in-depth theoretical discussions are not normally considered, although if the ethnographic findings warrant such investigations then exceptions will be made. Writing clearly, simply and with the aim of gaining the interest of the general reader is a challenge which must be taken up if social research is to have an impact beyond academia. Articles using photographs, creative writing styles, and any other novel approaches to involving the reader in the experience of the ethnographer are thus particularly welcome.

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