GE Mission Statement

Global Ethnographic (GE) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal of ethnographic research. It offers fresh insights and discussions that are grounded in ethnographic experiences. Using various media forms, GE focuses on diverse academic and non-academic audiences. GE is free and exclusively online because we believe ethnographic research should be accessible to and benefit as many people as possible.

GE promotes ethnography that is engaged with current events and captures social life through many different voices and perspectives. It aims to push the boundaries of what we can learn and apply from ethnographic research. GE also aims to advance conversations about ethnographic fieldwork and writing, and to encourage a critical outlook on the production of ethnographic knowledge, while increasing the visibility and reach of ethnographic research. Being solely online means we are able to share these insights with our readers faster than other publications.

GE sees ethnography as a vital resource for exploring social and cultural diversity through modes of writing that are captivating and informative, which can contribute to a better understanding of a complex world, and to tackling familiar issues from new, innovative angles. And while GE’s ethnographic orientations are rooted primarily in anthropology, GE welcomes different views on what ethnography is and can be, and we encourage other disciplinary contributions based on ethnography, from neuroscience to the fine arts.


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