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Global Ethnographic is a new online magazine-journal designed to popularize and disseminate anthropological perspectives. Engaging articles, photographic exhibitions, films and features provide the general reader with new ways of interpreting current issues, topics, human relationships and own and other identities.

We bring together an exciting range of contributions from anthropologists and social/behavioral scientists on a range of topics. Collecting ethnographic research from across the world, Global Ethnographic is a unique open-access resource for incisive commentary and analysis on the social relationships, organizations and identities that are defining our new century.

Global Ethnographic (GE) attracts a wide and diverse interest from the public, students and social science professionals. While GE does hope to give a popular gleen to its articles and features–including photographs, links, features, interviews, life stories, etc.–it meanwhile hopes to encourage innovative approaches, methodology and social theory.

All GE submissions are peer-reviewed to the same standards as many international academic journals.

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Global Ethnographic is a project from the Organization for Intra-Cultural Development.

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