Ethnographers Talk About Energy and Climate Change Ep 01

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Professor Lesley Head, The University of Melbourne

I am a geographer whose research examines human-environment relations, both conceptual and material. That is, I want to understand how humans have physically changed earth’s systems, how we think about our place in nature, and how these two things are connected. In recent years I have worked mostly in cultural geography, with projects on backyard gardens, wheat and invasive plants. This developed from my earlier interest in Aboriginal land use, ethnobotany and fire. I started my research career using palaeoecology and archaeology to study long term changes in the Australian landscape, and the interactions of prehistoric peoples with their environments.

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Paper discussed in the videos:
Head, L., Gibson, C., Gill, N., Carr, C. and Waitt, G. 2016. A meta-ethnography to synthesise household cultural research for climate change policy. Local Environment 21: 1467-1481.

Other relevant academic works:
Gibson, C., Farbotko, C., Gill, N., Head, L. and Waitt, G. 2013. Household Sustainability: Challenges and Dilemmas in Everyday Life, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK.

Head, L., Farbotko, C., Gibson, C., Gill, N. and Waitt, G. 2013. Zones of friction, zones of traction: the connected household in climate change and sustainability policy. Australasian Journal of Environmental Management 20: 351-362.

For full bibliography see project report:
Head, L., Mayhew, K., Gibson, C., Waitt, G., Gill, N., Farbotko, C., Klocker, N. and Stanes, E. 2013. The Connected Household: Understanding the Role of Australian Households in Sustainability and Climate Change. Wollongong: Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research.


Dr Dan Lockton, Carnegie Mellon University

Dan Lockton is a designer, researcher and Assistant Professor in the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon. His research centers on people’s interactions with technology and the designed world, and how that affects the way we think, act, and understand. Dan directs the new Imaginaries Lab and is Chair of Design Studies in the School of Design. Dan is also a Faculty Affiliate of the CMU Scott Institute for Energy Innovation.

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Projects mentioned in the video:
CarbonCulture at DECC (energy use and sustainability in the workplace)

SusLabNWE (domestic energy use and living labs)

Drawing Energy (mental imagery around energy)

Powerchord (sonification of energy)

Dr Kerstin Leder Mackley, UCL Knowledge Lab

I have previously held postdoctoral research positions at the School of Engineering and Design, Brunel University, the School of Social, Political and Geographical Sciences, Loughborough University, and the Loughborough Design School.

TOTeM (Tales of Things and electronic Memory, 2009-2011) explored the social applications and implications of then emerging tagging technologies (QR and RFID) in the context of the Internet of Things, specifically as regards the changing social histories of personally meaningful objects.

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Projects mentioned in the video:
Book: Making Homes: Ethnography and Design

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