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Global Ethnographic is a general interest, peer reviewed web journal featuring the field research and perspectives shaping our social world.

Free and exclusively online, Global Ethnographic is multi-media driven and cross-disciplinary, bringing you the scholarly conversations on daily life as it is lived and experienced around the world.

With embedded links and footnotes in full text articles, video, maps, and other dynamic content, libraries of research are now a click away as you read.

Our Content

Our content is defined by a passion to explore the common, interconnected nature of human social life through an understanding of the many forms it takes.

With a conscientious and critical approach, the thematic opportunities are unlimited.

Global Ethnographic considers the submission of field notes, narratives, articles, reviews, photography, film, and other ideas to be featured on the site. Jump to our submission guidelines.

A Way of Seeing: Why Ethnography?

“There is no route to general knowledge save through a dense thicket of particulars” Clifford Geertz

Ethnographic perspectives on the world are primarily the result of long-term fieldwork, often conducted over years or even decades of concentrated study.

Ethnographic research uses interviews, observation, and participatory experience to build a multi-dimensional understanding of a topic from an “emic” or “native” or “insider’s” point-of-view.

Though founded in ethnographic research, Global Ethnographic prides itself on emphasizing this “way of seeing the world”, without discriminating content or form.

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