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Are you a professional social scientist/commentator concerned with attempting to broaden the scope, influence and popularity of the anthropological perspective? If so, then contributing to GE’s team of editors and reviewers will allow you to further these aims. As a GE editor, your primary task will be to review articles submitted to the magazine in terms of their quality, accuracy, and interest value. As an editor you could also engage in the sourcing of potential papers (from students and colleagues). Papers submitted to GE are sent out to registered editors that have the appropriate regional and/or field topic ethnographic/theoretic experience and knowledge. As GE papers are short, a maximum of 21 days is allowed to review and write a brief commentary based upon the key criteria. In order to register as an editor we will need to know your fields and regions of expertise. The only requirement for a GE editor is that you occupy a position in a university, publishing, research or related institution that utilizes your ethnographic research background. A desire to popularise anthropological perspectives is taken as a given.  If you would like to apply for registration or to ask any questions about the role please email with a brief summary of your research interests, regions of expertise and details of current position. Thank you for your interest!